The Open University of Tanzania Invites applications from eligible applicants for Master of Arts in Gender Studies

The Open University of Tanzania Invites applications from eligible applicants for Master of Arts in Gender Studies

The main purpose of the Master of Arts in Gender Studies programme is to produce graduates who have academic ability and competent to apply the acquired gender theories, skills, and knowledge to critically analyze gender issues and provide strategies and solutions towards achieving gender equality.

Candidates for the Master of Arts in Gender Studies will be admitted on the basis of the University
regulations, which govern admission process (See OUT prospectus). In addition applicants will be
required to have a first degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. OUT also admit applicants with advanced diploma from a recognized institution of higher learning with a B+ grade can also qualify for admission.

The course shall be completed in a period of 18 months.
Assessment is based on a combination of course work, tests and final examination for each of the course. At end of the coursework, you will be obliged to do a research and submit a dissertation for evaluation.

There are three semesters of three months each whereby students take two courses for study and in each semester, students meet with their lecturers once for discussion. At end of each semester, students sit for two exams of the respective courses they studied in the semester

The programme consists of five core courses with 2 units weight and two elective courses of 1 unit weight each.
All lectures for each course are uploaded in MOODLE. Students access the MOODLE PLATFORM for lectures, exercises and any announcements. Lectures can be accessed any time and you can study any time wherever you are including travelling etc

The fees paid to the University are of two categories: tuition and non-tuition fees. The Tuition fee is
220,000/= Tshs per each coursework or dissertation unit you take. For an award of a master’s degree, you are required to take a minimum of 18 units (including dissertation units). Hence, a minimum tuition fee for a master’s degree is 3,960,000/= Tshs paid in Account No. 01J1014596800 in any Branch of CRDB. The name of the account is MA Social Work

The road to success begins as soon as an opportunity arises; the next step is to capture the opportunity. Move to the road of success. Get inspired and join the Masters of Gender Studies at The Open University of Tanzania. We offer quality Gender Programmes and the cost is affordable.

Programme Coordiantor:Prof Mary Kitula, Tel: 0754 319997, e-mail:
Other Contacts: Dean FASS: Dr Felician Mutasa, Tel: 255713229204,, e-mail:
Head of Department: Dr Fauzia Mohamed, Tel: 0655 374953, e-mail:


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