98 Jobs at Tanzania rural and urban roads agency (TARURA)

The Rural and Urban Traffic Agency (TARURA) is an agent under the Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government (OR-TAMISEMI). It was created under section 3 (1) of the Agency Act (Chapter 245), and started work in July 2017. This agency is responsible for the maintenance and development of urban and rural roads. Rural and urban roads are estimated at 108,942.2 kilometers.

OR-TAMISEMI via TARURA, oversees the network of these roads which are not under the Highway Agency TANROADS

Job opportunities at Tanzania rural and urban roads agency (TARURA)

Road engineers II (45 Posts)
Assistant accountants (30 Posts)
Accountant assistants (5 Posts)
Procurement and supplier officers II ( 17 Posts)
Land surveyor (1 Post)

Application Deadline: 20/12/2017

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