HESLB : The full list of loan successful appellants

The Higher Education Students Loan’s Board (Heslb) has released names of 2,679 out of 4,200 students, who have successfully appealed for the 2017/18 academic year allocation.

On Tuesday, December 5, the Heslb Director General, Mr Abdul-Razaq Badru said the board will now issue a total of Sh9.6 billion to the successful appellants in this academic year.

The list includes 1,847 first year students, who will receive a total of Sh6.84 billion while Sh2.75 billion will go to 832 students from the second to fourth year.

The new development takes the number of the first year students, who qualify for the loans, to 33,200 countrywide. They will receive Sh108 billion out of Sh427.54 billion, which was set aside for 122,623 students.


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