1.0 Background 
The Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) was established by Act No.9 of 2001 Cap. 413 and came into force on 15th August, 2004 by Government Notice No.297 of 20th August, 2004.

The tenure of the Director General of SUMATRA will expiry on May, 2018, the Chairperson of SUMATRA Nomination Committee established under section 8 of the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority Act, 2001 as amended invites Tanzanians with relevant qualifications to apply for appointment to fill the vacancy of the Director General of SUMATRA.

Position and Description
The Director General will also be the Chief Executive Officer and shall be responsible for the day to day operations of the Authority. The Director General will be on contract for four years but may be eligible for re-appointment for one further consecutive term and shall not engage in any other paid employment.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Director General shall be responsible for:
a) Leading the top management team in formulating the overall business plans and advise the Board of Directors on strategic corporate plans, objectives and policy guidelines;
b) Ensuring effective implementation of the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority Act, 2001 as amended;
c) Reporting on performance and other statutory requirement to the Board of Directors and other relevant stakeholders. In this regard, he will be responsible for ensuring accurate and efficient financial and personnel management, accounting and auditing systems of the authority;
d) Providing linkage between the authority, the Board, the Government and the General public on the affairs of the Authority;
e) Maintaining the integrity, transparency and accountability of the Authority; and
f) Performing any other duties as assigned by the Minister in accordance with SUMATRA Act, 2001.

2.0 Minimum Qualifications 

The minimum qualifications for persons seeking appointment of the Director General are:
a) Graduate from a recognized university, a masters degree will be an added advantage;
b) Possess at least ten years experience in one or more of the field of management, law, economics, finance or engineering;
c) Have knowledge of the industry;
d) Satisfy the nomination committee that he is unlikely to have a conflict of interests under SUMATRA Act, 2001;
e) willing to serve as Director General;
f) Well suited to perform the functions and duties of the Director General competently and honestly.

3.0 Personal Attributes 
A person applying for the post of Director General shall have the following attributes:
Capacity to assess business and financial implications
Ability to motivate employees
Ability to work in multi-culture environment
Honesty and integrity; and
Excellent analytical skills

4.0 Remunerations 
The Director General shall receive a competitive remunerations package as may be determined by the Board of the Authority from time to time.

5.0 Mode of Application 
All applications; including detailed curriculum vitae with one passport size photograph, photocopies of Certificates, names and addresses of three work related referees with title marked "Director General-SUMATRA" on top of the envelop should reach the undersigned before 1500hrs, of 29th December, 2017.

Permanent Secretary (Chairperson),
SUMATRA Nomination Committee,
Ministry of Works, Transport and Communication,
Wizara Building,
Moshi Street,
P.o.Box 638,
40470 Dodoma.



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