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Ghost Workers Are Costing Havoc To Government: CAG Report

- April 17, 2017

Annual general report on the financial statement for the year ending 30 June 2015 reveals ghost workers have cost 1.5 billion to the government in the fiscal year of 2015/16.

The amount was spent by nineteen public entities from ministries and regional secretarial for making salary payment to 260 ghost employees, reveals the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) report.

Professor Mussa Assad said the total figure of salaries amounted to 1,400,554,592 and these were paid to 260 such employees who had retired, dismissed, deceased or absconded..

Prof. Assad added the paid salaries ranged from a period of one to 72 months and it contravened the Public Finance Regulation, 2001 (revised 2004) that clearly states the Accounting Officers need to maintain the records of working staff and payment should only be made to the persons for the days worked.

CAG said in its statement that payment to ghost workers is a serious national problem and need to be addressed by the government as it is loss of public money.

Prof. Assad also called the Accounting Officers to make the paid amount refunded by respective beneficiaries.

CAG added, “In addition, Accounting Officers should timely remove from the payroll all non-existing employees to avoid financial loss to the government.”

Two staff from National Assembly were paid 2,536,000 and four from Fire and Rescue received an amount of 2,818,000. Similarly 139 staff of Police Force was paid salary of 757,316,000. However, an amount of 14,034,700 was recovered too. From Judiciary 27 staff were paid 182,913,133,26 and an amount of 35,031 was recovered.

The list is long and eight staff of Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training were paid 62,541, 948.


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