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Govt okays hiring of 10,000 public servants

- April 19, 2017

Minister of State, President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), Ms Angela Kairuki

Minister of State, President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), Ms Angela Kairuki

Minister of State, President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), Ms Angela Kairuki

THE government has approved employment permits for 9,721 vacancies from July, last year to March, this year, the National Assembly was told yesterday.

Minister of State in the President’s Office - Public Service and Good Governance - Ms Angellah Kairuki said this while moving her ministry’s budget estimates for 2017/2018, yesterday. She added that 3,174 vacancies were reserved for the Police Force, 1,000 for Prisons Department, 852 for Fire Brigade and Rescue Services and 297 for Immigration Department.

During the same period, Ms Kairuki said, her ministry had allocated at least 50 vacancies for health experts, who have been deployed to Mloganzila Hospital in Dar es Salaam. She further said that 4,129 permits were approved for employment of science and mathematics teachers countrywide, as well as 219 permits to employ laboratory technicians.

Ms Kairuki told the august House that verification for unpaid salaries to civil servants amounting to 32.9bn/- was conducted and already, their demands have been channelled into the ministry’s data system ready for payment.

She further said that demands of unpaid salaries to at least 12,973 civil service workers, which amount to 21.6bn/- were still being verified and those who will be approved will get their dues.

Either, she said, during the same period, the government removed at least 19,708 workers from the payroll for various reasons including quitting employment, retirement, deaths and dismissals. She said the move was aimed at curbing payment of ‘ghost workers’.

The Minister also pointed out that the Prevention and Combatting of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) has transferred 376 files to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to seek permission to take the offenders to court, of which 156 files had obtained permission.

“At least 702 cases related to corruption were heard in court, 227 of which were new cases. During the same period, courts delivered ruling to 264 cases, in which suspects involved in 161 cases were freed, while suspects in 103 cases were convicted,” she said.She further added that a sum of 12.3bn/- has been recovered following an operation conducted by PCCB and the money returned to government coffers.

Out of the sum, Ms Kairuki said 8bn/- was rescued from tax evasion rackets, especially through the introduction of EFDs, 2bn/- was recovered from embezzlement rackets, 912.4m/- from ‘ghost’ salaries and 794.2m/- was recovered from other sources.

The Minister also told MPs that through TASAF, more families will continue to benefit from a cash transfer with 202.2bn/- already disbursed from July, last year, to March, this year. She said 1,358,268 poor families have been identified, out of which 1,110,377 families with a population of 5,895,230 have been enrolled into the system. She said that the project is conducted in all local governments of the Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

She added that the cash transfer programme had proved to be a successful method for reducing poverty and women beneficiaries are more likely to prioritise the welfare of children. “As household incomes and livelihoods improve, they have been able to increase consumption of education and health services which are crucial for their self-sustenance,” the Minister said.

Adding, Ms Kairuki said verification of poor families registered through TASAF will be sustained and so far they have discovered 68,914 unqualified families that were registered countrywide. “All these families have been erased from the programme,” she said.

Minister Kairuki also said that the Uongozi Institute has continued to make good strides in sharpening leaders across the continent, adding, from July, last year, to March, this year, the institute offered 18 short courses to 631 civil servants, with a view to improving their performance.

The courses were offered in areas of good governance, communication, vision and mission, strategic leadership and policy.


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