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- April 15, 2017

Job Description - Manager, Float Management (VTCBU02)
Job Description
Manager, Float Management - VTCBU02

Provide cross operational support to Aggregators and Super Agents distributing float to M-Pesa Wakala

·         Manage super Agents portfolio for Vodacom
·         Manage Aggregators portfolio for Vodacom
·         Ensure there is enough Float availability across M-Pesa equal system
·         Ensure all aggregators are mapped to support agents and distribute float within demarcated Vodacom Territories
·         Ensure there is sufficient aggregator footprint across the country.
·         Manage relationship with Super agents and aggregators
·         Put in place operating Manual and policy to guide operations of aggregators and super agency models.
·         Plan, Co-ordinate and Support Partnerships Strategy in Memorandum of Understanding with stakeholders by drafting, Mutual review and signing process

Oversee Agent network Administration
·         Manage general administrative support for the aggregator and super agency distribution network
·         Manage relationship with National aggregators and provide secondary and strategic support
·         Coordinate availability of Merchandising and PoS materials
·         Facilitate availability of business tools, novelties to enhance agent activities
·         Manage all escalations from the trade as submitted through call centre all sales teams
·         Maintain proper national float distribution agents data base
·         Liaise with Finance for preparation of Agent commission statements, delivery to Agents & processing of commission payments within agreed SLA
·         Manage overall agent network float availability. Identify 25% bottom performers and address with respective territory managers
·         Liaise with distribution support to ensure availability of Vodacom SIMCARDS in the entire M-PESA distribution channel·         Develop reward schemes for high performing aggregators, agents and manage penalizing poor performers

·         Coordinate with external stakeholders for schemes that can facilitate agent business.eg business loans through MFIs and banks

Regular Audit
·         Consistently audit performance by Territory managers, aggregators sales force and feet on the street sales force
·         Provide feedback & propose improvements on processes and procedures
·         Identify 25% bottom performing staff & aggregators and agents and take remedial action
·         Identify fraudulent activities by agents and manage penalties including claw backs and closure of outlets

Routines and Processes
.         Ensure internal collaboration ,team work development and implementation of key Management and  sales routines
·         Analyse Implementation  and adoption of approved  market routines in by territory managers
·         Develop business processes and standards for Territory managers, aggregators, agents and feet on the street sales force
·         Develop and maintain a sales operational manual as a guideline  for territory managers, aggregators, agents and feet on the street sales force
·         Develop and implement a sales operational Policy for territory managers, aggregators, super agents to guide operations on the ground.

Branding & Merchandise
·         Liaise with brand teams to ensure the correct artworks are applied in the market
·         Propose effective branding collaterals and work with respective departments for production and availability
·         Define and manage branding standards
·         Effective coordinate  availability of PoS & Merchandising material in Agent outlets

·         Develop and execute a national training program ensuring that Territory managers, aggregators sales force,  feet on the street are always equipped with the right product knowledge
·         Ensure Aggregator and Agent staff are well trained at outlets on basic business skills, operations and AML
·         Ensure all Aggregators & Super Agents are enabled with M-PESA web access

·         Coordinate all regional reports and compose management reports
·         Prepare weekly/monthly/quarterly & annual reports on performance, gaps,
·         All reports should be accurate to 99%

·         University Degree or equivalent qualification.
·         At least 3 years’ experience in sales or marketing role in a corporate multinational environment
·         Strong communication skills in both written and spoken english & kiswahili
·         Computer skills training at an intermediate level (excel, word and power point are essential)
·         Good understanding of financial principles, understands financial ratios, can interpret standard financial statements.·         Cellular or telecom industry experience will be advantageous
·         Driving license

Job Type : Full-time
Employment Type : Permanent
Closing Date
 : 21-Apr-17, 11:59:00 PM


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