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Job Vacancies at TIGO Tanzania

- January 12, 2018


This role is responsible for managing technology related activities between Tigo Pesa and all third party companies that connect with Tigo Pesa. He/she is responsible for integrating, testing launching and monitoring and overall performance of payments solutions all MFS business partners including billers, bulk payers, merchants etc. CORE RESPONSIBILITIES
In his role, you will be responsible for managing all technical matters of MFS Corporate section. You shall be required to ensure enforcement of processes and robustness of underlying integrations is efficiently met.

Key Responsibilities

Planning of MFS Corporate Technical Projects and Tasks
• Manage the available resources in order to accomplish all MFS Corporate technical tasks
• Assign projects within the team capabilities, while balancing the workload amongst team members
• Plan and communicate maintenance of various systems and communicate the downtime expected to all stakeholders
• Create the technical project plans in order to implement new products as well as perform current product modifications
• Track, update and report milestones of the project implementation and inform all relevant teams
• Coordinate technical modification plans with other internal technical units
• Ensure that all third parties integrations are well tested and documented before deployment
Manage MFS Corporate technical platforms
• Be the administrator and control the user rights of all platforms used by MFS Corporate partners
• Monitor capacity and technical performance of all MFS Corporate technical platforms in order to avoid congestion and system malfunctions
• Plan and implement upgrades to MFS Corporate technical platforms from the CAPEX requests to technical roll out
• Provide technical platform specifications required to launch new products and integrations
• Document all processes (Change Requests, User Creation, User Deletion, Assignment of Access Rights etc) and put in place procedures to ensure that all processes are followed
• Document APIs of key platforms for the purpose of sharing with partners as well as explaining to partners how to consume the APIs
• Document system issues and enforce SLAs of different platforms in order to manage the suppliers of MFS Corporate platforms
• Update and implement upgrades and patches provided by vendors in order to fix system bugs and protect the MFS Corporate platforms from security threats Perform system configurations to connect the Tigo Pesa system with third party systems where necessary
• Approve the changes of user information, new access requests and access removal for all organizations that are already connected to various MFS Corporate platforms

Provide technical feedback to MFS Corporate Partners
• Ensure third party partners comply to the Millicom standard processes, policies and procedures
• Manage the technical relationship with the vendors of different platforms
• Troubleshoot and coordinate internal and external technical teams in order to resolve all Tigo Pesa systems issues as they arise
• Provide information to all partners in the event of system outages and other unexpected technical malfunctions
• Follow up and find the root cause of MFS Corporate platform system issues/outages and document the same
Relationship management and provision of support to all connected partners
• Manage relationship with other MFS units and technical team to provide best solutions to all MFS Corporate business partners
• Develop tools to manage correspondences of the third party organization’s queries as per the agreed
Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
• Proactively manage the third party systems by doing regular checks for system anomaly, errors, exception that occur in existing integrations
• Research and find the newest and latest technology trends and implementations used in MFS and advise all partners
• Assist to answer all technical queries from MFS Corporate partners
Qualification and Experience
• Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field
• Solid technical skills
• Great interpersonal skills
• Excellent communication skills Strong
attention to detail
• Highly organized
Core Competences
• Ability to engage in effective and possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Ability to work under pressure and time constraints
• Ability to work effectively with a wide range of cultures in a diverse community.
• Mature ability to work collaboratively with management teams throughout the organization and to be seen as a valuable expert resource to be sought out.
• Ability to achieve results through others.
• Set and manage priorities


 (Grade 11)
To improve customer retention, focusing on enriching customer experience at the acquisition and decline stages of customer lifecycle, to derive better value for customer a well as Tigo, by means of segmentation and targeted approach, focusing specifically on the High Value segment as per Tigo’s commercial strategy. In terms of results, we are looking for reduction in customer and revenue churn; increase in the daily RGS subscriber base, increase in ARPU and package penetration for new customers, by
means of targeted activities, to derive positive impact on Topline and bottom-line revenues for Tigo
1. Core Responsibilities
• Use customer segmentation, data analytics and consumer insight/research as strong tools to design and manage a detailed campaign roadmap for reducing customer and revenue churn
• Reduce churn by means of predictive analytics and reactive churn control mechanisms
• Increase daily RGS base by targeting customers who appear on the monthly/60 day RGS base but not on the daily RGS base
• Develop a nursery program, in conjunction with the S&D and Customer Ops team, to increase the 4 month survival rate, ARPU and pack/MFS penetration for new subscribers
• Use innovative loyalty tools to increase longevity of customers, incentivizing loyal and high value customers
• Partner with Sales & Distribution and Customer Operations team to enhance quality of customer acquisition
• Coordinate with Customer Operations, Factory and Pricing team to enhance customer satisfaction
• Ensure specific focus on the High Value customer segment, to deliver the overall commercial strategy of Tigo
• Ensure profitability for business by means of effective business cases for each aspect of campaign
• Develop a monthly reporting system deep diving on all key aspects of churn viz. churn by value and customer
segment, revenue churn and churn by region
• Liaise with the customer operations and CU team to continually analyze reasons for churn coming from
complaints and/or consumer understanding exercises, thereby use the information
to deploy specific actions to reduce churn

Qualification, Experience and Competencies
• University Degree, preferably in Marketing, statistics or commerce3-5
years of total experience in telecommunications (Commercial/analytics)
• Excellent in analytics and segmentation
• Has a consumer focused acumen
• Financial ability, understands financial implications for the business


This role is responsible for recruiting organizations that will use Tigo Pesa Business Payment solutions. The organizations include billers, bulk payers, merchants etc.
Acquire new companies to do drive Corporate Mobile Money adoption
• Achieve agreed sales and revenue target set each yearIdentification and recruitment of organizations with high volume transactions
• Open up new business opportunities by networking with internal and external stakeholders.
• Generate leads and have a workable funnel for closing deals.
• Manage preparation of all corporate customer proposals and presentations
• Recommend and advice department of product requirements for the market
• Lead commercial negotiations in line with MFS B2B principles.
Managing Key Accounts
• Ensure that the customer experience is of the highest possible quality and customers are treated fairly with focus on customer satisfaction and retention.
• Develop, implement and control account development plans to maximize revenues
• Develop sound business relationships with companies to maximize use of our service
• Ensure that all queries are attended and resolved in a timely manner
• Ensure that customers on boarded comply with all standards and adhere to all the MFS Policies & Procedures, at all levels.
• Recruit and manage relationships for NGO’s, Government, private entities, financial inclusion societies, educational organization, stores and other business with national outreach
Work to reduce dormant accounts on new and existing MFS B2B accounts portfolio
• Understand why customer have stopped or reduced use of corporate Tigo Pesa services and resolve the issues
• Encourage corporate customers to use Tigo Pesa services frequently
• Establish the best solution for the customer which is in line with our capabilities
• Arrange regular customer visits
Ensure all KYC documentation for each integration request is properly documented and is compliant with company rules
• Ensure all documentations are filled in designated areas and ready to be available
whenever required
• Advice any required input to improve safe keeping of the customer records/database.
• Review and check contracts with companies/organizations that connect to Tigo Pesa
• Carry out a basic due diligence before signing a contract
Manage a team of Freelancers to achieve revenue and subscriber target
• Recruit, train on sales process, coach and develop freelancer to sell MFS B2B products
• Establish KPI’s and monitor performance of team
• University degree in marketing /business2+ years of experience in account acquisition/management.
• Proficiency with the MS Office Suite including Microsoft Word, Excel and Power PointAny IT background will be a plus
• Ability to engage in effective and persuasive negotiations and strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Ability to work under pressure and time constraints
• Ability to work effectively with a wide range of cultures in a diverse community.
• Mature ability to work collaboratively with management teams throughout the organization and to be
seen as a valuable expert resource to be sought out.
• Ability to achieve results through others.Set and manage priorities


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