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- January 15, 2018
1 Management of recruitment of new franchisees and shop footprint roll-out:
• Develop annual new shops roll-out plan.
• Manage the execution of the roll-out plan within the agree KPI’s.
• Recruit new franchisee as per franchisee recruitment criteria, assist effective implementation of new site acquisition and as well as support Company’s efforts at effective refurbishment and set up of new shops.
• Ensure the new franchisee understand the franchise operational standards, commission model and ROI.
• Ensure all new Vodacom shop staff undergoes the required training and induction prior to the new shop opening date or before the staff start attending customer in the shop.
• Project management; Manage cross functional support teams & suppliers to deliver the actions items within the agreed timelines to meet objectives.

2 Retail Marketing Management:
• Develop and execute in conjunction with the marketing teams, monthly & quarterly theme sales offers and promotions.
• Ensure all existing shops are well branded and maintain the correct look and feel that represents the Vodacom brand in a positive manner.
• Ensure availability of marketing POS elements for products and services, as well as sales promotions.
• All POS in the shops must be up to date at all times and timely distributed to all shops.
• Formulate staff uniform policy & ensure all shops adhere to the policy.
• In charge of device sales planning, proposition formulation & sales management.
• Formulate Sales & Marketing Initiatives & ensure effective communication for a successful execution.

3 Daily Operational Routines & Disciplines:
• Ensure the following monthly audits are conducted in all Vodacom shop and shared with key stakeholder and corrective action plan devised thereafter:
 Mystery shopper.
 Customer experience feedback.
 Customer satisfaction Index
 Customer complaint rate.
 Retail NPS score.
 Policy, process, guideline compliance audit.
 New product launches awareness and visibility in the shops.
 Gauge new Product & service knowledge level.

• Conduct at least twice a year Vodacom shop staff satisfaction & business partner engagement score
• Manage new staff training and refresher training for all Vodacom shop staff by liaising with customer care training team and franchisee supervisors.
• Build an in-depth understanding of customer needs and develop training that will address the gap, which will ensure total customer satisfaction.
• Training Planning & management.
• Conduct weekly/ monthly knowledge assessment/fitness tests to all Vodacom shop staff.
• Policy, process, procedure & guideline formulation & compliance management.
• Send weekly Policy, process, procedure & guideline reminders to partners and Vodacom shop staff.
• Adopt a proactive approach and put contingency plans in place to prevent re-occurrences of queries/problems of similar nature to enhance customer experience.

4 Strategic Management:
• Financial management:
 Define and motivate operational budgets required to meet the key performance objectives within the channel.
 Forecast, plan, Manage and optimise the budget, ensuring all expenditure is in line with the agreed budgets.
 Identify areas where money is lost and seek ways to reduce expenditure.
 Manage Vodacom’s financial risk exposure regarding all commercial agreements concluded.
 To identify areas of financial risk and implement risk mitigation processes.
• Commercial management:
 Review the franchise commercial agreement from time to time to cover Vodacom of any risk that can be mitigated via the commercial agreement.
 Review Vodacom franchise shop operational standards manual from time to time to ensure it is relevant.
 Review the franchisee commission model from time to time to ensure that it’s meet business objectives & it is up to date with business strategy, as well as market trends.
• Customer Experience Management:
 Formulate & implement strategic customer experience initiatives.
 Manage quality assurance in all Vodacom shops.
 Policy, process, procedure & guideline formulation & adherence audits.

• New projects management:
 Manage end to end process for new project.
 Set us task force team & motivate team to meet deliverables.
 Prepare project plan and follow up on execution.

5 Administration and Reporting:
• Monitor the effectiveness of sales campaigns & promotion implemented in franchise & flagship shops (reporting weekly, monthly & quarterly sales trends).
• Generate pre & post promotions Profit & Loss reports.
• Provide weekly & monthly update on new shop roll-out status.
• Provide monthly training conducted and training plan for the following month.
• Provide remedy usage report.
• Provide monthly customer experience surveys.

• Degree in Business Administration/ Sales & Marketing and equivalent.
• In-depth knowledge of communication industry trends, preferably commercially oriented.
• 2-3 years’ experience in leading retail and service operations in the mobile and/or in retail-intensive B2C industries, preferably with a significant service dimension.
• Experience in retail or brand marketing is preferably.
• Computer literate-Microsoft office, including Advanced/Intermediate Excel.
• Good knowledge of Vodacom’s products/services. As well as policy & procedures.
• Understanding of business finance, including budget management Skills.
• Good interpersonal skills and effective communications skills.
• High level presentation skills.

Job Type : Full-time
Employment Type : Permanent
Closing Date : Ongoing



Job Description

Key Account Manager - VGE - EBU - VGU - 001

Key accountabilities and decision ownership
• Responsible for the in country acquisition of 1–4 Vodacom Enterprise accounts and delivery of profitable, long term business of those accounts to Vodacom
• Ensures delivery of all financial targets including gross margin, cost to manage, cost to connect, net assets, turnover, operational cash flow and average revenue per user (ARPU) and account (ARPA).
• Establishes appropriate relationships with customers in Vodacom and leverages those relationships to ensure maximum financial return from Vodacom customers
• Works collaboratively to provide direction on the service relationship for nominated accounts.
• Ensure appropriate inputs to decisions on new propositions, product mix and services satisfactions to customers

Core competencies, knowledge and experience
• Excellent analytical and logical reasoning skills translated from consumer insights
• Excellent communication skills
• Strong stakeholder management skills
• Ability to anticipate customer, competitor and market dynamics
• Strong customer service and customer satisfaction ethos. Delivering results.

Must have technical/professional qualifications:
• 3+ years’ experience industry or functional experience.
• Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Economics, Marketing or its equivalent.
• Strong analytical skills and business acumen.
• Build and maintain relationship with key stakeholders in the value chain.
• Telecommunications experience would be advantageous.
• Project knowledge and experience would be advantageous.

Job Type : Full-time
Employment Type : Permanent
Closing Date : 19-Jan-18, 11:59:00 PM


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