Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Agro - Economist - Dar es Salaam,

Agro-economist (3888)

Job title: Agro-economist (3888)
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Location: Dar es Salaam

Job Description

Job purpose
The Agro-economist is a member of the Agronomy Unit of organization, reporting to a Country Manager, and s/he is focuses studying data and statistics to identify trends and make predictions for the agricultural market in a specific country and/or region, in order to develop organization’s knowledge of the country and farmers needs and enable business development & commercial teams of organization, as well as R&D teams of organization to develop appropriate products and services to these farmers.
Depending on the needs, and on the country, the agro-economist may also contribute to R&D experiments and studies.

Duties and responsibilities
The Agro-economist’s main duties and responsibilities are:
• Collecting and elaborating data from the field
• Manipulating data to determine patterns and trends in the agricultural economy of the country/region
• Making statistical predictions for part of the agricultural market.
• Participating at seminars and conferences to communicate her/his findings
• Promoting her/his studies and research to inform and to improve the business decisions of agricultural companies, farmers and organizations.
• Determining agricultural market indicators and making statistics to help the decision makers

Qualifications include:
• BCom (Agricultural Economy), BSc (Agriculture) or equivalent / PhD in Economics
• 10 years of experience in this field with a focus on the African issues
• Excellent networking skills
• Extensive experience in agrochemical field
• Outstanding statistics and mathematical skills
• Fluent in English, French and local languages
• Already worked in a multinational/multicultural team will be an asset

Working conditions
The Agro-economist will:
• Travel all over the country/region to collect data/information’s
• Attend seminars and conferences related to her/his research-field if needed
• Attend regional organization’s meetings related to her/his domain of research