Saturday, March 31, 2018

Job Opportunity at BEST-Dialogue

Kinondoni, Msasani Dar Es Salaam

1.0 General background
BEST-Dialogue formerly known as BEST-AC is a program that gives grants to Tanzanian membership organizations from the business sector such as association of farmers, miners or tour operators. The purpose of the grants to the organizations is to help them carry out research to identify factors that make doing business difficult, conduct analysis of the problems and propose evidence based solutions for the government to implement. Organizations also receive tailor made training to help in the dialogue efforts with government.
Since it was established in 2004, the program has supported over 34 Private Sector Organizations (PSOs) or business associations conducting this kind of advocacy work. BEST-Dialogue has invested in print media to ensure a gradual enhancement and sustainability of public-private dialogue as well as of the engagement of the media in public-private dialogue. The assessment seeks to establish a study to assess the extent to which print media contribute in business environment reporting. The study will cover three distinct areas (please refer to Specific Objectives).

2.0 General objective
The objective is to assess the pertinence of the print media in business environment reporting over the past ten years (from 2009-2017).

2.1 Specific objectives:

To assess the journalistic quality of print media reporting on business environment issues and/or dialogue.
To assess the incidence (number) and prominence (placement) of print media reporting on business environment issues and/or dialogue, including type of topic and/or sector.
To assess the support of BEST-Dialogue in increasing business environment reporting.

2.2 Data collection
To quantify and analyze newspapers’ articles of business environment, the consultant shall review English and Swahili newspapers. The data collection procedure will be done on a random selection of no less than 300 articles from the BEST newspaper clipping file (> 3000 clippings

2.3 Data analysis
Data analysis will be conducted using standardized and quantifiable content and thematic analysis techniques as already developed by partners of the Client, as illustrated here below.

The articles will be analyzed and rated based on the following criteria:
i. Objective: To assess the quality journalistic quality of print media in reporting business environment issues in Tanzania.
 Criteria
A. The quality of articles: (include measures of context, background, clarity of argument, tone and overall handling of topic)
B. Article/story type- the aim is to determine if the article was a news piece about business environment or analytical business environment article.
C. Newspaper type-is it a business newspaper or general newspaper.
D. Placement of the article:
• Opinion piece- if the article appeared on op-ed section
• Editorial piece-if the article editorialized the topic of business environment in such a way to persuade a reader one way or the other.
• General/business news column- is the article published on a general story or on business news column.
ii. Objective: To assess the incidence and prominence of print media in business environment reporting.
 Criteria
A. Number of articles published in English and Swahili newspapers.
B. Types of articles/issues related to business enabling environment eg. Political and economic environment, policy reforms, value chain, public infrastructure that either facilitate or hinder doing business.
C. Prominence and placement of articles (the amount of attention journalist devote to an issue and placement of articles in the newspaper)
iii. Objective: To assess the support of BEST-Dialogue in increasing business environment reporting.
 Criteria
A. Number of PSO articles –on organization profiling and advocacy programs.
B. Number of newspapers articles and supplements supported by the BEST Fund

3.0 Deliverables
The consultant will provide BEST-Dialogue with concise analytical report, complete with an Executive Summary section presenting key findings and recommendations. The report will contain visuals showing statistics over time (incidence, prominence, sector, organization) and per print channel, and the annexes include the data sets assessed.

4.0 Payment and time issues
The survey is to be implemented by May 30, 2018. The first disbursement will be done upon signing the contract, with a maximum of 50% of total contract value. The second disbursement of 30% will be done upon submission of a final draft for discussion. The final installment will be paid upon satisfactory completion of the assignment.

5.0 Qualification requirements
The aspiring candidate must have specific and significant expertise and experience in assessing communication and media programs. A profile of the organization/curriculum vitae of key staff delivering in the assignment will be included as well as an overview of relevant prior assignments for other clients, complete with reference contact information.
6.0 Proposal
The technical proposal should focus on approach, methodology and action plan; the financial proposal should give a detailed overview of cost factors. Candidates should submit the technical proposal and financial proposal as two separate documents by Monday April 23, 2018, midday. Proposals shall be submitted to:
BEST-Dialogue Project Manager
Attention: Hans Determeyer

Email to: with Cc to
For additional information: Ms. Miriam Mshana, +255 22 260 1168