Thursday, December 6, 2018

Job vacancy;Logistics Officer – Dodoma

Position title Logistics Officer

Overview of position Our client is increasingly using the Tanzania corridor for supply of food to its humanitarian projects in Tanzania and in the neighboring countries. This involves importing food in-transit and food purchases in Tanzania mainly maize and sorghum. Dodoma is one of the main Logistics Hubs in Tanzania for such activities and is highly demanded. To make this hub effective and responsive to operational requirements, a Logistics Officer (Consultant) is needed to lead the field logistics operations and provide technical support in Dodoma Hub, ensuring the key supply chain functions un-interrupted.

Role objectives
– The Logistics Officer will be responsible for the following duties:
– Plan and organize logistics operations and implement plans for a smooth and efficient operation
– Closely coordinate with the client Suppliers on food procurement ready for uplift, Tally service providers, client Transporters and Clearing Agent for timely transfers of the cargo;
– As the export of the commodities requires TBS Lab Test and its clearance, Logistics Officer to ensure proper follow up to ensure that the work is done in the most efficient manner;
– Maintain proper coordination between Sub-office and CO for issues related to general logistics operation to avoid any gaps affecting the operation;
– Closely follow up with the Transporters on timely deliveries, assess any gaps and provide solutions;
– Contribute to preparedness actions and Logistics Capacity Assessment (LCA) as necessary to enable our client to quickly respond and deploy food at the onset of the crisis;
– Ensure Milling Machines are operational with the required productions. Spare parts are timely requested, and quality of production is monitored;
– Follow up with the CO on call-forward, pipeline and timely prepositioning / delivery of the requirements;
– Build relationships and collaborate with counterparts in the key supply chain functions at sub-office level to ensure an integrated supply chain approach to food assistance;
– Ensure continuity of the Logistics Procedures, ensuring that objectives are achieved in compliance with the functional strategies, policies and plans;
– Plan and lead on implementation of innovative logistics operations at sub-office level, initiatives to ensure timely, efficient and cost-effective supply of direct or indirect food assistance;
– Assess need for warehouse equipment timely to ensure a seamless operation.
– Collect and analyze relevant technical data from diverse sources to forecast operational needs under various scenarios and make evidence-based proposals;
– Conduct local transport market assessment and provide feedback to supervisor / Head of Supply chain
– Ensure running operational warehouse procedures and normative guidance in order to manage WFP’s warehouse and handle inventory effectively through corporate systems;
– Monitor shelf-life of the commodities and ensure to share with the Head of sub-office for distribution plan before their Best Before the Date (BBD);
– Physical stock-count is conducted on a monthly basis as well updated LESS accordingly;
– Ensure that data is captured in LESS timely to avoid backlogs. Any complications arise in LESS operation is reported to focal points in CO for immediate solution;
– Ensure Weekly Logistics Inputs are provided and share with the CO as well issues of concerns with recommended solution;
– Operational reports are prepared by the concerned staff and circulated timely;
– Mitigated losses to the possible way and through best practices of food management;
– Ensure proper inspections of both in-coming and out-going commodities are conducted and findings are recorded. Any infestations are treated immediately;
– Ensure SOP is implemented in all parts of logistics operation;
– Enhanced efficiency and performance of the staff through ad hoc meetings and follow up on issues;
– Supervise the work of Logistics staff as per the organogram to guarantee high quality and consistency of performance is maintained throughout time;
– Evaluate Services Providers Performance and to recommend to CO;
– Provide technical advice and guidance to staff and partners to manage food systems and deliver food assistance to those in need;
– Ensures the accuracy of Services’ Providers invoices before submission to CO for settlement;
– Training needs for the Logistics staff are identified and shared with the Management for action;
– Perform any other tasks as assigned by the supervisor / head of supply chain

Project reporting This position reports to the Head of Logistics

Ensuring organizational goals are achieved through delivery of expected food assistance to the beneficiaries, food management with client standard, improved existing process, reduced lost, cost efficiency and compliance to client’s SOP.
Experience in handling break and bulk cargoes, food purchases, Warehouse / Food Management, overland and Inland Transportation, Logistics Coordination, Wagons operation and Management of operation as head of Logistics, Field Office.
Knowledge in Transportations, Food Procurement, handling and management
Team management The staff Member is the head of logistics in Dodoma

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