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Internship Program For Fresh Graduates In Internal Audit – Tanzania Health Promotion Support (THPS),

- January 09, 2019


Tanzania Health Promotion Support (THPS) is an indigenous NGO established under nongovernmental organization act No 24 of 2002 in 2011. THPS works in partnership with the Ministries of Health Community Development Gender Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) and Regional Administration and Local Governments (PORALG) with a goal of ensuring
accessible high quality health care services to Tanzanians; through strengthening of health systems for quality health services including comprehensive HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, Support and Treatment in Pwani and Kigoma regions.

Terms and Conditions
All applicants must be

This internship / volunteer program is designed to provide fresh graduates from college and university with an opportunity to learn and exercise the practical experiences of what they have learned while studying. This attachment will be for a 3 to 6 months period. Attached below are the terms and principle responsibilities;

  • Tanzanian citizens
  • Recent under graduates
  • Pursued a degree in Accounting or related field from a reputable college or university.
  • CPA holder will be an added advantage.
  • Interested applicants should send an email to hr.thps@gmail.com, by 11th January 2019 with a subject line Internal Audit Assistant and attach application cover letter one page maximum indicating their learning objectives or which competency s/he expects to gain and a four pages CV maximum.
  • Successful candidate will receive a monthly stipend in accordance with the THPS’s internship guidelines.
  • The intern will be under the leadership of a supervisor who will be mentoring the individual
  • The intern will be required to produce a monthly report detailing accomplishments, proposed plan for follow up, and provide lesson learned at the end of the attachment.
  • No expectancy of the employment with THPS at the end of the attachment.

Principal duties and responsibilities:
 The intern will provide advice to internal compliance manager of any new risks to which THPS may be exposed, operational risks, financial, currency, political risks etc.
 Contribute to ensuring that financial controls and other assurance processes and activities are appropriate and robust throughout THPS.
 Understand and conduct test of controls on a monthly basis on Procurement process through examination and review of documentation to identify gaps and key control issues for earlier mitigation.
 To provide assurance on the effectiveness of internal controls over Sub-recipients management for helping achieve uniformity, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of operations. This will involve the Intern to visit sub recipients in person to check they comply with terms and conditions as contracted with THPS on a quarterly basis.
 To verify whether all medical facilities procured during the quarter have been distributed to intended sites. This will involve sites visiting to physically verify the items.
 Conduct site visits to check whether supported health facilities patient care is provided to at least an appropriate ratio. This may involve travelling with program officials during supervision works to see whether the objective is achieved or not.
 Review and analyze program budgets to check whether they conform to THPS activities and all the budgeted activities are fully implemented. This will go down to reviewing payment documents for all expenses incurred.
 To evidence trainings conducted by THPS across the regions and check whether participants to these trainings gather knowledge to support THPS initiatives, are correctly compensated as to days and hours spent on trainings, ghost participants are not included in the list for payments etc.
 On a quarterly basis, conduct physical verification of some sampled assets from the Head quarter to the regions.
 To check whether assets are coded with a unique number for easier identification.
 Weather assets are properly used by the Organization and not subject to any impairment.
 With the guidance of Internal Compliance manager, check whether THPS complies with existing tax laws and donor specific tax instructions. On a monthly basis, to check whether THPS computes properly all statutory contributions and submit them on time. This may involve payments of PAYE, WCF etc.
 Any other adhoc responsibility as assigned by the Internal Compliance manager or THPS Top management.


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