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Nafasi ya Kazi Hygiene & Safety Protection Assistant – DRC, Tuma Maombi Mapema

Hygiene & Safety Protection Assistant

Job description
Job title: Hygiene Promotor Project Assistant-GFD
Employment category: E, L1
Reporting to: Team Leader- GFD
Technical line manager: GFD Project Manager
Direct reports: N/A Unit/department: GFD
Location: Nduta/ Mtendeli
Authorization level: N/A
Overall purpose of the role: (1-2 sentences)

The Hygiene Promoter Project Assistant -GFD is responsible for maintaining a direct line management of Cleaner incentive workers in Nduta / Mtendeli Camps, providing overall management and coordination at assigned Food Distribution Point (FDP) in addition to completing timely weekly reports.

Responsibilities: (in bullet points)
• Organize implementation of Hand washing campaigns in project target populations.
• Ensure that water and soap is being provided for the hand washing.
• Ensure that that the FDPs are clean including the rubbish being burnt at all times.
• Responsible to train communities on good hygiene and sanitation practices (hold hygiene promotion sessions).
• Supervise and work hand in hand with the cleaner incentive workers.
• Plan activities according to the expected progress of the project based on program work plan (monthly plan and weekly).
• Participate in food coordination and camp meetings and reporting achievements/constrains.
• Undertake hygiene promotion campaign and other behavior change communication within the POCs.
• Able to understand solid and liquid waste managements within the FDPs of Nduta and Mtendeli camps.
• Participate and support the communities and the beneficiaries undertaking hygiene campaign in the project area
• Ensure that cross cutting issues such as protection, gender, environment, PSEA are addressed and mainstreamed in the project.
• Keep daily record of materials used in the field.
Experience and technical competencies: (include years of experience)
• Able to maintain cordial relations with other stakeholders like WFP, UNHCR, Plan international HelpAge international, MHA, zone leaders, food management committees, beneficiaries and other relevant stakeholders/partners.
• Ensure efficient coordination with stakeholders relevant to the implementation of GFD project, including other humanitarian and development actors in the area.
• Experienced in the general food distribution and for a minimum of 2 years.
• Experience in hygiene promotion minimum(2years)
• Work experience with local communities, children and vulnerable people
• Experience in community mobilization and participation

Additional job responsibilities
• Identify and inform the team leader /officer of any problems or constraints
• Participate in weekly report writing
• Provide support to the all program staff in the implementation of program activities.
• Submit reports on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to the Team leader /Information management Assistant
• Organize for implementation of Hygiene & Sanitation campaigns
• Support program staff in collecting data and reports per project needs.

Education: (include certificates, licenses etc.)
• Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, Hygiene, community development or related to the field
competencies Basic Advanced Expert
Striving for excellence ☐ ☒ ☐
Collaborating ☐ ☒ ☐
Taking the lead ☐ ☒ ☐
Communicating ☐ ☒ ☐
Demonstrating integrity ☐ ☒ ☐
Find the definition of DRC’s Core competencies here

Languages: (indicate fluency level)
• English
• Kiswahili
• Kirundi
• French

Key stakeholders: (internal and external)
• POCs
• Help Age International
• Plan International
• Police


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