Friday, May 1, 2020

Nafasi ya Kazi Project Assistant – DRC, Tuma Maombi Mapema

Project Assistant

Job title: Project Assistant-GFD
Employment category: E, L1
Reporting to: Team Leader- GFD
Technical line manager: N/A
Direct reports: N/A Unit/department: GFD
Location: Nduta/ Mtendeli Camps
Authorization level: N/A
Overall purpose of the role: (1-2 sentences)

The Project Assistant -GFD is responsible for maintaining a direct line management of Distribution Scoopers and Food Management Committees (FMC) in Nduta Camp, providing overall management and coordination at assigned Food Distribution Point (FDP) in addition to completing timely reports.

Responsibilities: (in bullet points)
• Ensure all activities are implemented in line with established food management protocol.
• Receive commodities for the chute from the Team Leader-GFD, ensure proper distribution of entitlement with individual scooping method and report back with number of beneficiaries served and the remaining balance in daily basis during the distribution period.
• The Project Assistant-GFD will verify each individual that comes to the FDP by cross checking ration cards with the Food Log. He/she must confirm that every Household comes with a ration card and attestation letter and that somebody from the household is physically present to receive the food.
• Conduct all project activities in accordance with the agreed work-plan and project proposal, ensuring food distributions run effectively and efficiently, meeting the required standards of service for targeted beneficiaries.
• Troubleshoot all distribution issues at field level, with guidance from Team Leader-GFD
• Complete daily distribution reports, submitting to Team Leader-GFD on a daily basis.
• Provide Food Assistance training to Scoopers, FMC Members and other stakeholders, as directed.
• Collect and collate daily distribution reports, waybills and other related documents, checking and submitting to the GFD- Team Leader on a daily basis.
• Supervise the proper handling and care of distribution equipment.
• Help with crowd control and ensure people waiting in line for verification are doing so in an organized manner.
• Submit the numbers and names of all no shows to the GFD–Team Leader after every GFD in order to track those that continually do not show up
• Assist the Help Desk Assistant with handling and documenting any complaints.
• Any other duties as assigned by the GFD-Team Leader.

Experience and technical competencies: (include years of experience)
• Able to maintain cordial relations with other stakeholders like WFP, UNHCR, Plan international HelpAge international, MHA, zone leaders, food management committees, beneficiaries and other relevant stakeholders/partners.
• Ensure efficient coordination with stakeholders relevant to the implementation of GFD project, including other humanitarian and development actors in the area.
• Experienced in the general food distribution and for a minimum of 2 years.
Education: (include certificates, licenses etc.)
• Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or related to the field


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