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Monitoring And Evaluation Coordinator Jobs in Musoma Tanzania Global Resource Alliance, Inc. (Gra) Jobs in Musoma Tanzania Monitoring And Evaluation Coordinator Jobs in Musoma at Global Resource Alliance, Inc. (Gra)

Job Description

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Location: Musoma, Tanzania

Reporting to: GRA-Tanzania Tree Program Manager and WeForest

Global Resource Alliance, Inc.

Global Resource Alliance, Inc. GRA is a non-profit organization
headquartered in Ojai, California. It was founded in April 2002 to provide
financial and technical support to community organizations in the world’s
least developed regions working for social, economic and environmental change.
GRA’s local organization has partnered with Belgian NGO, WeForest, since 2011
to plant trees with institutions, such as schools and churches, and
individuals and farmer groups, who have collectively planted over 1 million
trees through their Tree Program throughout the Mara Region of Tanzania. These
seedlings are grown in two nurseries, one in Kinesi, established 10 years ago,
and one in Butiama, established in 2019. All trees have to date been provided
to individuals who come to the nurseries to pick the tree species and number
they choose, and for schools, which receive free delivery of seedlings each
season. Beneficiaries are given basic training on transplanting and managing
tree seedlings, and establishing their own tree nursery. The seedlings are
monitored over time to verify tree mortality rates and offer technical support
to beneficiaries on how to best manage and benefit from their trees.


WeForest is a fast-growing international non-profit association headquartered
in Belgium and with current projects in Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Tanzania,
Malawi and Zambia. The mission of the organization is to advance innovative,
scalable and lasting solutions to restore forest and landscapes for climate,
people and planet. We promote scientific evidence for the ways in which
forests contribute to climate change mitigation, beyond their impacts as
stocks of carbon, by increasing water availability, enhancing local cooling
and improve rural livelihood and resilience.


A Monitoring and Evaluation M&E Coordinator is needed to establish and lead
GRA’s M&E Program throughout the Mara Region, with the aim of improving data
quality, project and program performance reporting, and adaptive results-based
management. The M&E Coordinator is responsible for supervising, planning,
developing, implementing, and evaluating all aspects of the M&E program.
Individuals applying to the position must meet the selection criteria below,
and be able to function with minimal technical supervision They will report to
both GRA-TZ, GRA-US and WeForest.


Core duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

–>Conduct a thorough revision of the M&E framework and logframe
–>Implement improvements to all tools and processes within the M&E program
–>Conduct quantitative and qualitative socio-economic and biophysical surveys with beneficiaries and potential beneficiary communities
–>Analyze and map data using digital tools and statistical applications
–>Provide regular detailed progress and reporting to the Tree Program Manager, GRA-US and WeForest
–>Provide the M&E budget
–>Produce quality deliverables on time to ensure they meet milestones per their scope, timeline, and budget
–>Assist as needed in identifying and working with local partner organizations for current and new projects
–>Assist as needed in delivering training among beneficiaries, communities, institutions and government
–>Assist as needed in seedling distribution during peak months
–>Assist as needed in developing grant applications Contribute as needed to media content

Required Qualifications

–>Education: Bachelors degree or equivalent in M&E, forestry, agriculture, environmental science, social sciences or quantitative/ qualitative research methods, or other relevant field; certification in M&E is highly desired
–>Work experience: Minimum two years’ M&E experience working in relevant sector with smallholder fanners, preferably in Tanzania

–>Skills: Excellent GIS and statistical analysis skills, as well as coordinating, training, reporting and communication and app-based data collection
–>Language: Fluent in English and Kiswahili speaking and writing

Required Attributes

–>Commitment to GRA and WeForest’s mission and vision
–>Focused, disciplined, and determined
–>Innovative and collaborative
–>Patient and flexible, particularly in cross-cultural environments Good interpersonal skills

–>Willingness to keep flexible work hours

Terms & Conditions

–>Start date: As soon as possible
–>Duration: One year, with potential to extend subject to performance and funding 6-month probationary period
–>Salary: Small NGO competitive package
–>Location: Musoma, Mara Region
–>Working hours: Full-time

Apply Online Now


Please send your CV and cover letter to Corrie Mauldin
**** **by 15 June, 2020** . Due to the
anticipated number of applicants, only shortlisted candidates will be
contacted. We thank you for your interest.


Monitoring And Evaluation Coordinator Jobs in Musoma Tanzania Global Resource Alliance, Inc. (Gra) Jobs in Musoma Tanzania Monitoring And Evaluation Coordinator Jobs in Musoma at Global Resource Alliance, Inc. (Gra)

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