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Clean eating: Four hacks to get you started on your path to health

Clean eating is not a quick fix or a fad diet. It’s a lifestyle choice to consume whole, unprocessed food.

While some people may prefer only fruit, veg, whole grains and healthy fats, others may also want eggs, dairy, meat and fish. The defining factor is that food must closely resemble their natural state with little or no processing and no artificial additives.

The benefits of clean eating

Clean eating has a myriad of health benefits — clearer skin, increased energy, improved sleep and mental health. The increased fibre content of whole food makes it great for the digestive system thus promoting good gut health. It also lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers.

Need to shed a few kilos?

Forget diets! Whole foods nourish and fuel the body producing sustainable weight loss as opposed to refined carbs which are loaded with empty calories that neither fill you nor provide nutritional value and cause blood sugar levels to spike and crash causing sugar cravings, insulin resistance and obesity.

Sound like a game-changer?

These four hacks will help you get started

Get cooking your clean eating meals

Preparing your own meals gives you control over the foods you consume. Dining out or getting take out usually means higher salt intake and a host of artificial additives.

If cooking isn’t your thing, learn to prepare a few simple dishes and gradually expand your repertoire. Experiment; adapt your favourite meals by finding healthy alternatives, for example, substitute brown pita for a pizza base and top with lots of vegetables.

Maintain routine meal times

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