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How to Answer “What is Your Dream Job?” (4 Proven Steps)

Interviews in general can be overwhelming especially when you know you will be tackling tricky interview questions. What is your dream job is one of the tricky common interview questions that are likely to come up in your next interview.

Tricky interview questions can be confusing, especially when it is your first time encountering such questions. But if you know how to attempt such questions (especially one like “what is your dream job?”) and have crafted thoughtful answers to the question, you don’t need to panic when you come across such questions in the interview.

Can’t figure out how to attempt this question? In this guide I’ll be showing you the proven steps on how to answer “what is your dream job?” interview questions along with sample answers.

Why Employers Ask What is Your Dream Job

In the interview, your interviewer will likely ask certain questions to figure out whether you have the right skills to be successful in the position

However, they will also be interested on what motivates you to be effective at work.  When they ask you “what is your dream job?” they want to learn from your answer if you will be satisfied with the position you are applying for in the long run (i.e if it aligns with your long term career goals).  Your response to what is your dream job interview question will give them an insight into your core values and passion as an employee.

How to Answer What is Your Dream Job

What is your dream job interview question is a very tricky question that should be addressed with caution. If you lose guard, you may give an answer that may deny you the job you’ve longed prepared and hoped for.

Below are the proven steps to take that will lead to a perfect answer to the question.

1. Describe a Job in General

What is your dream job interview question can be tricky if not properly answered. You should be mindful of the response you give to the question. Instead of discussing a specific job title, discuss the general duties and responsibilities of the position you desire.

Let’s say your dream job is related to helping people, instead of saying the job title you are interested in (especially when it is not the same with the job you are interviewing), you can explain how you would love to have a job that help people make a difference.

If it is tech related, you can talk about your passion to work with the latest technologies, and how you spend your leisure time researching on the recent tech trends in the industry.

2. Tailor Your Answer to Fit the Job You’re Interviewing For

The next step is to ensure that the answer you give to what is your dream job has a connection with the job you are interviewing.

Just like I said earlier, don’t be tempted to give responses that are totally unrelated to the job you are interviewing you, rather make sure there is an overlap between what your dream job is and the job you are interviewing.

Employers are interested in hiring candidates that are enthusiastic about their position. Candidates that show such enthusiasm don’t just work effectively in the company; they end up spending more time and growing with the company.

3. Discuss Your Values

It is important that the response you give to what is your dream job talk about your values. This can help your potential employer assess what motivates you and whether you have the value related to that of the company.

Providing a thoughtful answer to this question is most helpful when you can relate it to reasons why you want the company to hire you.  You could talk about how accountable you are as an employee, how dependable, trustworthy, or other things that aligns with the company core values, which you can get yo know when you research the company.

4. Explain Why You Want Their Job

The best way to wrap up your answer to this question is by telling your potential employer what you found about their company during your research that made you to apply for their open position. This will completely put their mind at ease since you are able to talk about why you want the job.

Want is Your Dream Job Sample Answers

Below are effective answers to the question “what is your dream job”. You can read through them so that you can craft a personalized answer that best fits your dream job.

Sample Answer 1: “My dream job involves an extensive amount of teamwork, such as regular staff meetings and group projects. I love that this job emphasizes communication among colleagues and between management and staff. My previous job was 50% team projects, and I am excited to continue that kind of teamwork and open communication here.”

Sample Answer 2: “My dream job is one that takes me traveling, offers me a great lifestyle, and opportunity for uncapped commission. I am thrilled that your organization offers all three of these factors and I look forward to showing you what I can do as a business development professional.”

Sample Answer 3: “My dream job would be working in a tech industry with coworkers I can rely upon and managers who treat me with respect. I do my best to keep a positive attitude, and it is much more enjoyable to be around others who strive to do the same.”


Interview preparations can be overwhelming, but when you prepare for your interview, especially when you practice interview questions and answers, your confidence should be high and your chances of landing the job will be high also. With the above proven steps and sample answers, answering interview questions relating to your dream job shouldn’t be a thing you should worry about.

That’s it on my guide on proven steps on how to answer what is your dream job interview question

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