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Humanitarian Response Director x3 at World Vision


The role of the Humanitarian Response Director (HRD) is to provide leadership to World Vision’s large-scale disaster response operations, strengthen its disaster management capacities, strategies and polices, and contributes to the effectiveness of global humanitarian system through networking and collaboration with key stakeholders.

The HRD is a member of the Humanitarian Response Operations and Global Rapid Response Teams (GRRT), a group of disaster response specialists whose purpose is to provide high-quality humanitarian assistance and protection to people impacted by natural calamity and conflict. In the event of a large-scale disaster, the HRD and other members of this team deploy to the affected country in order to provide leadership to World Vision’s disaster response operations.

Deployments are often triggered within 24 to 72 hours of a disaster and usually last up to 3 months duration. GRRT members can be deployed up to a maximum of 6 months in a year.

As overall leader of World Vision’s response to a particular disaster, the Humanitarian Response Director (HRD) is responsible for ensuring that operations are well-planned, properly implemented and accountable to key stakeholders (impacted communities, donors, host governments). The HRD must also build relationships with humanitarian organizations and other key stakeholders. The HRD will achieve these results by building a cohesive and effective team, while ensuring staff are properly cared for, protected and supported.

During non-deployment periods, the HRD supports World Vision’s disaster preparedness and mitigation activities through capacity building, leadership of thematic issues, strategic planning, provision of technical expertise, networking and collaboration with other humanitarian organizations, governments, academic institutions and the media. The HRD will also supervise members of the GRRT when on deployment and will at times be called upon to provide strategic coaching to smaller-scale disaster responses implemented by World Vision’s national offices.


Disaster Response:

The HRD’s primary role is to lead WV’s humanitarian operations in response to large-scale disasters. Such responses are frequently larger and more complex than existing WV operations in the affected country. Key aspects of the HRD role include:

When not leading responses, the RD continues to support response planning and operations through the following activities:

Providing advice, coaching and capacity building to the leadership of National Office-led responses

Providing pre-response analysis of emerging crises that determines the nature of World Vision’s response to a disaster. This includes leading pre-response assessment teams to affected countries as well as leading desk reviews of emerging

crises or disasters where WV currently is not responding.

Represent GC-DM in Declaration Decision Groups, and Partnership Executive Teams which provide strategic guidance to ongoing responses.


While not deployed, the HRD has a variety of activities focusing on strengthening WV’s preparedness to respond to future disasters. These include:

External Engagement:

While not deployed, the RD contributes to efforts to ensure WV is positioned as an operational and thought leader on disaster management. Responsibilities include:


Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

Work Environment/Travel:

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