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Resume Format Guide (With Perfect Samples)

Selecting the perfect resume format that best suits your current professional situation can be a bit tricky, especially when there are different resume formats to choose when writing your resume to apply for jobs.

Did you recently change career? Have you been off the workplace for some years? Are you a fresh graduate looking for a place to start your career? All these specific situations require a particular resume format you can rely on to help boost your chances of landing the job.

And did you recently heard of chronological resume format? You wanted to give it a shot but a friend advised you to go with a hybrid resume format? Your head got twisted the more when a family member suggested that a functional resume format is the ideal resume format you can rely on.

I know exactly how you are feeling as regards to this matter. But not to worry, we got you covered. In this guide we will showing you the three most effective resume formats with perfect samples for each of the formats that you can utilize when job hunting.

Resume Format Types

Spoiler alerts – I just mentioned the resume formats above.

There are basically there commonly used resume formats;

  • Chronological resume formats: emphasizes more on a candidate’s work experience.
  • Functional resume format: emphasizes more on a candidate’s skills and also education.
  • Hybrid or combination resume format: the combination of the above mentioned formats.

More detailed information including sample resumes of each formats below.

1. Chronological Resume Format

The chronological resume format is known as ne of the common resume formats mostly sued. If you are to be searching resume template samples, you will be given more of the chronological resume formats, since its format is the normal structure a resume is supposed to look like.

This resume format emphasizes on your industry related work experiences (i.e. places your work history section at the top of the resume). And because of this, it is suitable for candidates who don’t have gaps on their work history but have a good amount of industry related work history they can showcase on their resume.

Once you don’t have a reasonable industry work history to write on your resume, the chronological resume format is not the ideal choice resume format you should go with.

Chronological Resume Format Sample

Frank Martins




Aggressive education consultant who has helped several school districts to adapt new methods for monitoring teachers and creating student programs. Adept at presenting new ideas to a large group, working with groups of professionals to create innovative programs and staying up to date on the latest education ideas.


  • Works effectively at all levels of education
  • Adept at speaking to teachers, students and administrators
  • Very proficient in the latest computer software
  • Extremely dedicated employee
  • Strong sense of responsibility to improving education for students
  • Able to work as part of a group or alone

Work Experience

March 2016 to January 2020

XYZ Education Consultants – Ikeja, Lagos

Education Consultant

  • Helped to create the more innovative programs the company implemented to universities and large school districts.
  • Responsible for developing the training materials that were used to help implement new programs.
  • Acted as resource for teachers and administrators who had questions about a new program.

April 2010 to February 2015

XYZ Education – Maryland, Lagos

Education Consultant

  • Responsible for developing programs for larger school districts that included special education needs.
  • Worked closely with company management to develop marketing programs to bring in new clients.
  • Part of a team that would go to new client locations and introduce the company to teachers and administrators.

July 2007 to April 2009

XTZ Educators – Festac, Lagos

Education Consultant

  • Part of a team that gathered data on new clients and developed program ideas.
  • Helped develop several marketing programs that regularly brought in new clients.


2007 University of Lagos

Bachelor of Science, Education

2. Functional resume Format

The functional resume format is also regarded as one of the top resume formats a job applicant can rely on. Though it depends on where you stand as a professional.

This format emphasizes on your skills and abilities, and does not talk about your industry work experience except you just want to list.

Due to its structure, it is meant for those who don’t have reasonable amount of related work history to write about or doesn’t have any to write about at all.

Once you fall under any of the below category, the functional resume format is the perfect format you should go with when writing your resume.

  • When there is a big employment gap in your work history.
  • When you are an entry-level candidate
  • When you are a fresh graduate
  • When you recently changed career
  • When you have been away from work for some years.

Functional Resume Sample

Frank Martins




Marketing and communications leader with extensive experience in sales, marketing and communications with national and international businesses including Lecumba, marlocustmetica and Tastify. Strong track record in new product introductions and product rebranding, increasing market share for established products and delivering strategic marketing initiatives while managing a range of key stakeholders.



  • Following an M&A, managed a large-scale internal change program at Tastifyr to align culture and better position the business against competitors.
  • Spearheaded a national brand refresh including developing a new distinctive capability, visual identity and a timetable of operational changes.
  • Directed and managed creative development team for the successful introduction of luxury cosmetics brand Marlocustmetica, making it the #1 consumer brand name for its classification.


  • Identified a new market for an existing Tastify yoghurt product, adding #15 million to revenue over three years.
  • Recruited for, trained and managed a national Marlocustmetica sales campaign that produced #50 million in revenue in 18 months for a new line of lipstick.
  • Created product name, package design advertising, trade show booth and new corporate identify for a line of specialty skin creams for Marlocustmetica.


  • Managed the rollout of new Smithsons corporate identity across all internal and external communications including redesign of all merchandise, corporate stationery, brochures and advertising.
  • Managed communications to all Tastify stakeholders through a protracted M&A process.
  • Designed, wrote and implemented targeted marketing campaigns for Marlocustmetica.

Public relations

  • Manage Lecumba’s public relations activities including regular updates and press releases to media and industry associations.
  • Oversee Lecumba’s public relations strategy, including fostering relationships with media, issuing media releases and providing key messages on relevant issues.

Employment History

2016 to 2019                                       Managing Director

Lecumba International

Consumer goods marketing consulting firm

2010 to 2014                                     General Manager, Sales and Marketing


Major breakfast food manufacturer

2002 to 2007                                       Marketing Manager


International cosmetics corporation

Education and Qualifications

Master of Business in Marketing, University of Ibadan, 2004

Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing, University of Ibadan, 2000

3. Hybrid or Combination Resume Format

From the term “hybrid” you should know that this format is a combination of two different resume formats. Precisely, the chronological and functional resume format.

Instead of creating a resume that does not emphasize on a candidate’s work related experience, the hybrid resume format was build to help touch on both the candidate’s skills and abilities, and also some work history that are relevant, if not directly relevant to the job.

If you fall under the below category, consider making use of the hybrid format when writing your resume.

  • You are new to the workforce with about 1-3 professional work experience
  • You are a recent college or high school graduate with minimal work experience
  • You have no gaps in your work history
  • You are changing careers or industries

Combination Resume Format Sample

Frank Martins

Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue Victoria Island, Lagos • (1) 803-1111-1111 • email:


A strategically-minded and hard-working sales associate with 2 years of experience increasing sales and increasing brand awareness.


Sales and marketing skills include: Tableau (intermediate level) • Excel (intermediate level) • SalesForce Administration (entry level) • Team player • Hardworking • Creative

Professional History

XYZ Company, Sales Associate

November 2018—Present

  • Utilize SalesForce to help manage client accounts
  • Learned and used various data analytics tools, including Excel and Tableau, to provide data insights
  • Work collaboratively with other associates and managers to create new marketing strategies

ABC Company, Intern

July 2018—Novemeber 2018

  • Trained on industry financial systems
  • Assisted sales teams with day-to-day operations
  • Learned skills in sales and developing client relationships
  • Accepted as full-time Sales Associate following successful internship

Educational History

University of Ibadan

August 2014 – July 2018

B.A., Communications, 4.02 GPA

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Knowing the types of resume formats and the perfect format for you can help you in your job application, since you will be crafting a perfect resume that best suits your professional situation.

That’s it on my guide on resume format guide with perfect samples

I’d love to hear from you

Hope you found this guide helpful?

Which category did you fall under as a professional?

And which resume format is best for you?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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