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Dodoma Region Women’s Special Seats Parliamentary Candidate, Mariam Ditopile speaking at the Kibaigwa Ward Councilors’ campaign rally.

An official guest at the launch of the Kibaigwa ward campaign, Mariam Ditopile (right) bids for the ward councilor candidate, Chande Mrisho.

Mariam Ditopile, the official guest of honor at the launch of the Councilorship campaign through CCM Kibaigwa ward in Dodoma region, is announcing the party’s Election Manifesto to the people.

* Says Dr. Magufuli has raised up Machinga.

By Charles James, Sauces TV

The CCM political committee in Dodoma region, has officially launched its ward-level campaign for councilorship in Kongwa constituency in Kibaigwa ward.

The campaigns were launched at the Kibaigwa vegetable market, where various delegates attended the opening of the campaign at the ward level as councilors in ensuring they fulfilled the main task of soliciting votes from the people with the aim of seeking consent to serve the government of the union republic for a second term. for the next five years 2020 to 2025.

Earlier speaking at the inauguration, UWT parliamentary candidate Mariam Ditopile said the inauguration was part of a series of promises made in 2015 as the fifth term government came to power.

“Going back to saying what we have done, what has been accomplished, what is in the process and what we are hoping to do to end that and start new ones that is why our motto this year we as CCM say ‘we have promised, we have done it with great success! we want you to re-elect us so that the work can continue, “said Ditopile.

In addition, Ditopile said that the fifth phase government has distinguished itself as it has been able to greatly uplift the poor people including mothers, small business owners by providing IDs that have helped them in doing business without budding and achieve the whole issue of economic upliftment.

However, he said that the fifth phase government has done a number of things to ensure that it fulfills all the promises it made while seeking the consent to come to power, including working hard from the local government level to the top leadership.

He said there was no area untouched where the health, education, infrastructure and performance sectors had been professional and urged the people of Kibaigwa to elect the Revolutionary Party for the second term, including selecting all candidates for various positions from council, parliamentary and presidential positions. so that they can assist the President in fulfilling all that is contained in the new CCM Manifesto of 2020.

For his part, Chande Mrisho, a councilor candidate for Kibaigwa ward in Kongwa constituency, asked the people to give him permission to serve them so that he can complete what was left by the outgoing candidate as the ward has grown with various challenges in the past. to pour out the President of the United Republic of Tanzania through the Revolutionary Party Along with all CCM candidates.

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