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Zanzibar Presidential Candidate for CCM ticket Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi has said that if he is elected President of Zanzibar, he will make sure he resolves the land disputes that exist between residents and investors in the tourism sector in the Northern Region of Zanzibar.

He said there were many complaints of citizens entering into controversial agreements between them and investors and failing to secure their legal rights.

He said this while addressing thousands of people at a CCM campaign rally held at Nungwi School Stadium in Northern District “A” Unguja.

He said every citizen who has been deprived of land or who has a claim between him and investors will make sure they get their due.

He said he would seek an early solution to the water problem in Nungwi area as in Zanzibar the government has distributed 72 percent of the water so the remaining 28 percent will be completed soon when he comes to power.

He explained that Nungwi area is a tourist destination it must have enough water.He will build a modern market and build fish processing factories so that fishermen can find a reliable market.

He said he would make major repairs to local roads so that citizens and tourists could easily access their work efficiently.He said the aim was to establish new economic sources through the maritime economy (Blue economy).

It will also strengthen the investment sector as it is the source of employment for young people and the general public.

He promised the fishermen of the North Unguja coast, to be provided with modern equipment and equipment that will enable them to carry out their duties reliably.

He said under his leadership he would enact a stricter law to control people who commit acts of sexual harassment.

He said all this will be done quickly if the people elect by a majority vote all CCM candidates from the presidential level to Councilors and all candidates for special seats.

He said the tourism industry has continued to make great strides as it has been a catalyst for economic growth and GDP growth.

He thanked the seventh phase government for maintaining peace and stability in the country as for the past ten years Zanzibar has continued to have lasting stability.

“The Revolutionary Party does not have a false attitude as it promises to implement it in practice, and we have done a lot of great things in the developmental fields,” said Dr. Shein.

He said CCM’s goal to win was to protect unity, solidarity and protect the 1964 Zanzibar Revolution and the Union.

Speaking on the Vice Chairman of CCM Zanzibar who is also the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, said the Government of the seventh phase under his leadership has effectively implemented the CCM election manifesto to a large extent.

He explained that the economy of Zanzibar has improved significantly and that the conditions of the people have improved and the level of poverty has decreased.

He explained that he has strengthened road infrastructure, electricity, clean and safe water as well as strengthening air and sea transport infrastructure.

He also said that he has created a friendly environment to promote social welfare by caring for and giving priority to specific groups including people with disabilities and the elderly.

Dr. Shein, introduced them and prayed for them in parallel and handed over the Election Manifesto for the 2020/2025 Election Candidates including Zanzibar Presidential Candidate for CCM ticket Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, Presidential Candidate of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, Co-candidate for the Presidential seat of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan, Members of Parliament, representatives,Councilors and Candidates for Special Seat Positions.

The Deputy Secretary General of CCM Zanzibar Dr. Abdulla Juma Mabodi, said CCM has continued to conduct scientific campaigns where the CCM ticket candidate Dr. Hussein is following the people in their areas to explain the policies of his priorities will be implemented when he becomes President of Zanzibar.

“Our candidate Dr. Hussein goes from street to street asking for votes and explaining in detail the party’s policies, frankly enough and qualified to be the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Council of

The Revolutionary Government of the Name phase “, explained Dr. Mabidi.

He added that according to Article 5 of the Katina CCM CCM of 1977, CCM victory is a must for the successful implementation of the 2015/2020 CCM Manifesto.

Dr. Mabodi said the new manifesto has mentioned the whole issue of uniting the people of Zanzibar to remain united.

He said the manifesto outlined how CCM would continue to strengthen the education system and various strategic sectors.He added that the manifesto emphasized the strengthening of Zanzibar’s economy and the establishment of new economic sources.

He added that CCM will continue to monitor and monitor the performance of leaders who are given the responsibility to lead the people in order to satisfy themselves if they implement in practice what CCM promised to the people.

“Let us protect our peace because without peace no progress will be made so everyone should take steps to protect their country by refraining from acts of lawlessness”, said Dr. Mabodi.

CCM North Unguja Regional Chairman Idd Ali Ame, delivering greetings to the region said the people of the region are very grateful to Dr. Shein for the good things he has done for them especially for bringing them development in the economic, social and political fields.

He said that the region is the first in terms of having excellent road infrastructure that has greatly helped traders and farmers who transport crops and various goods from one place to another.

He said during the period of Dr. Shein’s leadership, the region has built primary, secondary and vocational training colleges where the youth of the region have continued to receive free education.

He said health facilities have been built in large numbers, a situation that causes all social groups in the region to be healthy due to access to nutrition and good health.

“Our candidate says the future is certain that our victory is inevitable as CCM has already implemented development and improved people’s lives,” said the chairman.

The rally started at 3:00 am where various entertainment was performed with thousands of people flocking to the stadium.

Members of the Revolutionary Party and the general public have turned out in large numbers at the CCM campaign rally held at the Nungwi school grounds in Northern District ‘A’, Northern Region Unguja.

Various party leaders have attended the meeting to introduce Candidates for various leadership positions in the region.

Zanzibar Presidential Candidate for CCM ticket Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, arrived at Nungwi School grounds at 7:45 p.m.

The Vice Chairman of CCM Zanzibar who is also the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein has arrived at the stadium at 8:00 pm to introduce the CCM Candidates.

Leaders who attended the meeting included retired President of Tanzania Mzee Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Second Vice President of Zanzibar Ambassador Seif Ali Idd, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Shamsi Vuai Naohodha and Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The others who attended were members of the CCM National Executive Committee, Members of the Central Committee, chairpersons, secretaries, candidates for various leadership positions.

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