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By Pius Ntiga, Moshi.

The Director of Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro Region, Michael Mwandezi, said more than 60 billion shillings have been spent on development projects for the past five years in Moshi Municipality including installing street lights in Moshi.

The amount of money is from 2015-2020 in the Fifth term government under President John Magufuli, in implementation of the 2015-2020 Revolutionary Party Election Manifesto.

In an interview with Amsha Amsha 2020 of Uhuru FM, today the Director of Moshi Municipality, commended the Government for sending the amount of money.

Less than 2 billion shillings has been spent on the construction of the Central Regional Bus Stand located in Ngangamfumuni area just outside Moshi Town.

Construction of the stand under CRJE (East Africa) started in 2019 and was expected to be completed in 2021.

In addition, the Director of Moshi Municipality said the stand will be able to park 300 small vehicles and that it will be able to take 70 buses at a time.

He also said that the construction has created more than ten thousand jobs, of which there are four short and long term jobs which are four hundred.

“Let me just tell you that this Smoke Stand project will be the largest in the country and will also surpass that of Mbezi Mwisho in Dar es Salaam” said the Director.

Aisha, 16 kilometers of roads said they have asphalt and street lights in Moshi.

In addition, the projects of the Main Bus Stand will be two storey and will have a Hotel and supermarkets and that the contractor for the construction is the one who built the Kigamboni Bridge in Dar es Salaam.

He said the main stand building would also have International Immigration offices.

Other projects implemented in Moshi Municipality include the modern Mtakuja Dump Project located 15 km from Moshi Urban to Mtakuja area.

The project started construction in June 2019 and has already started working and will serve all residents of Moshi Municipality.

Speaking to Amsha Amsha 2020 of Uhuru FM, the Municipal Engineer, Richard Sanga said the project is being implemented by Rocktonic and that more than two billion shillings have been spent on its construction.

Engineer Sanga said the project area is 15 hectares and within the project will be built a Fertilizer Factory from the garbage dumped in the dump.

“Already the machines for the Fertilizer Factory have been purchased and are waiting to be closed and the people will benefit from Fertilizer from food residues,” he said.

“The people in the neighborhood will benefit from the dump, so they should start bringing their waste here and the rubbish that will be thrown there is the non-rotting ones,” he said.

In addition, Engineer Sanga said that education for the people has already begun to be given on how to take care of decaying waste for the benefit of sending it to be made compost.

He also said that the modern dump has been modernized even if it rains it will not be full as there are drainage chambers built on the ground to allow water to flow out.

In order to protect the environment under the dump, nylon has been installed so as not to damage the environment under it.In addition, the dump after eight years he said it will be full and be the end of use and instead will be converted to use and become part of the garden.

In another step the fifth phase government under President Magufuli has sent to Moshi Vocational Secondary School, two billion shillings for the renovation of the old school which also teaches Vocational issues for Form Four and Six students.

The principal of the school Erasmus Kyara said the school is located in the county of nuts and is one of the oldest schools renovated by the government.

“This school was established in 1957 and I am a teacher Kyara is the seventeenth teacher to be the principal of the school since its inception” said Kyara

He said renovations at the school included an administration building, 40 boys ‘dormitories and one girls’ dormitory, three classrooms, a laboratory as well as a 200-capacity library building and renovation of stoves.

He said the renovations included the ICT system and garage renovations and the renovation of toilets.According to Kyara, the rehabilitation has enabled teachers to do their job well with Musoma students and their performance has increased by more than 70 percent.

And some students at the school have joined the government in renovating their old school which they say has helped improve performance and teachers love their teaching career.

They said the dormitories had no doors and windows, toilets were dangerous to their health as well but now the situation is very good they are grateful to the government.

They have also asked for an increase in the number of students in the existing school where the current 85 where the shortfall is 16 teachers given will reduce the challenge of shortage of Vocational teachers.

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