NECTA FTNA , CSEE and ACSEE Results Grades & Grading System - Viwango vipya vya ufaulu 2018/2019 NECTA

NECTA grades 2018 necta grading system 2018/2019 grade mpya za necta 2018 new necta grading system 2018/2019 - NECTA CSEE and ACSEE Grades & Grading System -
NECTA viwango vipya vya ufaulu 2018 kidato cha nne CSEE alama za ufaulu kidato cha nne Form four 2019 grade mpya za ufaulu 2018/2019 Grading System
NECTA Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) , Certificate of Secondary Education Examination(CSEE) and Form Two National AssessmentAcademic Grades & Grading System
Grade boundaries are determined by an Awards committee composed of experts selected from the various levels within the education sector.

The mean grade (which ranges from A to F ) is an average grade based on performance in the 7 subjects as stated in the CSEE and 3 subjects for ACSEE

The overall mean grade is indicated by a letter grade ranging from A to F as shown On the document below: